20 Albums We Can’t Believe Are 20 Years Old


Yesterday, Slanted and Enchanted, the debut album from alt-rock legends Pavement, turned 20 years old. Wait, we can hear you saying to your computer screen, already? Yep, it came out in 1992. Now, we don’t know about you, but the realization that one of our favorite albums of all-time officially has two decades under its belt makes us feel super old. Not that this is the first time something like this has happened — last year, we freaked out over a handful of films that we told ourselves couldn’t possibly be ten years old already, and we’ve only just gotten over that shock. But time marches on irrepressibly, so if you’re in the mood to realize just how long it’s been since you first heard of Dr. Dre, click through to read our list of 20 albums we really can’t believe are 20 years old already.

Pavement – Slanted & Enchanted

Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine

Dr. Dre – The Chronic

Sublime – 40 Oz. To Freedom

The Wallflowers — The Wallflowers

Beastie Boys – Check Your Head

Sonic Youth – Dirty

No Doubt — No Doubt

Sir Mix-a-Lot — Mack Daddy (“Baby Got Back” is 20 years old, you guys)

“Weird Al” Yankovic — Off the Deep End

House of Pain — House of Pain

PJ Harvey — Dry

Barenaked Ladies — Gordon

Kylie Minogue — Greatest Hits

The Bodyguard Soundtrack (featuring Whitney Houston’s cover of “I Will Always Love You”)

They Might Be Giants — Apollo 18

R.E.M — Automatic for the People

Tori Amos — Little Earthquakes

Stone Temple Pilots — Core

Green Day — Kerplunk