The Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World


In 1972, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and The New York Times’ very first architecture critic, Ada Louise Huxtable observed that “nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station.” A comment on the emerging age of the jetliner and a swanky commercial air travel industry that made the behemoth train stations of the time appear as cumbersome relics of an outdated industrial era, we don’t think the judgment holds up today — at all. Like so many things that we wrote off in favor of what was seemingly more modern and efficient (ahem, vinyl records and Polaroid film), the train station is back and better than ever. So, we’re taking the time to look back at some of the greatest stations still standing.

From New York’s grande dame of a terminal to a station complete with its own indoor rainforest to the home of the world’s most luxurious train, the Orient Express, here’s our roundup of the most beautiful train stations in the world. Let us know in the comments what we’ve missed!

Atocha Train Station — Madrid, Spain

Image credit: The Car Hobby; I want to be here

Rossio Station — Lisbon, Portugal

Image credit: Jaime Silva; dezeen

Sirkeci Station — Istanbul, Turkey

Image credit: Susan Hardman; Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

King’s Cross Station — London, England

Image credit: dezeen

Union Station — Los Angeles, California

Image credit: Greg Gross; Yanko; bbartokk

Grand Central Terminal — New York City, New York

Image credit: Fcb981; Merri-Makers

Gare du Nord — Paris, France

Image credit: Tyler Bornstein; It’s Delovely

São Bento Station — Porto, Portugal

Image credit: SonicPossible00; Jeremy Bradley

Central Railway Station — Helsinki, Finland

Image credit: Toinen Linja; Lachlan Doig

Dunedin Train Station — Dunedin, New Zealand

Image credit: James New Zealand; Danielle Satori