Watch a Spot-On Parody of 'Mad Men's' Ridiculously Vague Promos


Why is it that by Monday morning we can never quite remember what we’re supposed to be looking forward to next week on Mad Men? Sure, it could have something to do with the fact that the last few strange and excellent episodes of the show have left us in the sort of shocked, awed stupor that makes it impossible to properly process the “next on” promo that follows the closing credits. But the real problem is that — like the footage-free teasers that precede each season — they’re so obsessed with giving nothing away that they’ve become entirely random. The folks at Indiewire have caught on to this frustrating tendency and created a very funny parody promo, in which Sally talks about peeing her pants, Lane fulminates over some unfortunately placed chewing gum, both Batman and a much-loved Don Draper meme make brief appearances, and we learn absolutely zero about what’s in store for next Sunday. Watch it below.