Bill O'Reilly Isn't Laughing at 'The Simpsons' Fox News Joke


Over the weekend, we enjoyed some intra-News Corp drama when The Simpsons wished their Fox colleagues a happy 25th anniversary in a special title card at the end of the show — but made sure to clarify that “This doesn’t include Fox News.” Well, inevitably, Fox stalwart and continual source of Colbert Report inspiration Bill O’Reilly had a response to Matt Groening and co’s slight. In a 30-second segment on last night’s The O’Reilly Factor, he called The Simpsons‘ gag “dopey” and a “cheap shot,” pronouncing it “predictable.” That last accusation may be true, but is there anything more predictable than a conservative talk-show host overreacting to a cartoon? Watch the clip after the jump.

[via The Wrap]