Would You Read a Novel Written by the Internet?


Crowdsourcing isn’t anything new, but a novel crowdsourced sentence by sentence? That could get pretty interesting — or it could be a complete train wreck. Enter The Collabowriters, an experiment hosted by Chicago-based artist and storyteller Willy Chyr, which aims to create a novel written “by the internet” by allowing users to submit sentences and vote on their favorites, building the story (or lack thereof) line by line. He explains, “For each sentence, anyone can enter a submission (up to 140 characters). Users then vote on each submission, giving it a score of either +1 or -1. The submission with the highest score becomes the sentence in the novel, or at least until another submission surpasses its score.” So far, the novel only consists of a few paragraphs, which seem pretty okay, if a little overwritten — but then again, we can understand how the flashiest sentences might get the most votes every time, even if it makes the whole thing a little adverb-heavy. So what’s the verdict — will you submit your own sentence? Would you be interested in reading a novel written by the internet? Let us know what you think in the comments! [via GalleyCat]