Preview 'Community's' Much-Anticipated 'Law & Order' Episode


Community is always excellent, but lately it’s really been blowing our mind. A few weeks ago, there was the hilarious “Pillows and Blankets,” which took a Ken Burns-style approach to chronicling the battle between Abed’s Pillowtown fort and Troy’s Blanketsburg, to the delight of documentary nerds. And last Thursday’s installment was a sensitive and insightful (while also still very funny) dissection of Abed’s personality. But the upcoming “Basic Lupine Urology” may well be the most anticipated Community episode of the season, a parody of/homage to Law & Order starring the two characters who have slowly replaced Jeff as the show’s core figures — Troy and Abed, of course. We’ve still got over 48 hours to go until the episode airs, but NBC has posted a first look, and while we don’t want to overstate its promise, we will say this: it involves Magnitude.

[via Warming Glow]