Finally: Good Things Happening for 30 Rock


Thanks to our friends at Vulture, we just read the best news ever. 30 Rock has been sold into syndication. The official scoop: “Following a bidding war involving E! and TBS, Comedy Central and WGN won the rights to pay Universal Media Studios a combined $800,000 per episode, to air it five nights a week beginning in the fall of 2011.”

This is exciting for three reasons: First, we’re hoping it will buy the underloved show a few more seasons on NBC. Second, maybe people who weren’t watching it on network TV will get sucked in when they see it on cable and start watching in primetime. (Hey, it happened to us with Scrubs.) Finally, because of the absurdist/layered nature of the comedy, we’ve found that old episodes have more of a shelf life than they do with most series. You pick up on subtle jokes you missed the first time around. You notice Kenneth inexplicably lurking in the background of a scene.

We’ve decided to ride the high and ignore the fact that none of this will be happening until over a year from now.

So, congrats Tina Fey. We like it when you make money — especially when it doesn’t involve McDonald’s desserts.