NBC’s New Apocalyptic Series Day One Gets a Trailer


The Hollywood Reporter just tipped us off to the freshly-leaked trailer for what just might be the most exciting new show on TV. (They’re calling it “‘Lost’ meets ‘V,’ both of which will be on in midseason, just like ‘Day One,’ with a dash of ‘War of the Worlds’ thrown in.” Did you hear that, sci-fi geeks?)

The video quality isn’t great, but we can get a general feel for what this show will be like: tons of special effects and end of the world drama mixed in with some over-the-top acting and a cheesy tagline (“Every ending has a beginning.”). And we mean all of that in the best way possible. Perhaps this show will help us fill the void that Heroes — which was also once about saving the world — left when it started to suck in Season Two. Watch it after the jump and weigh in!