Inhabit and Dwell Mag Ask Designers to Reimagine the ‘Burbs


Our friends over at Inhabitat are partnering with Dwell Magazine on ReBurbia, a design competition that invites “future-forward architects, urban designers, renegade planners and imaginative engineers” to reenvision the American suburb:

What would a McMansion become if it weren’t a single-family dwelling? How could a vacant big box store be retrofitted for agriculture? What sort of design solutions can you come up with to facilitate car-free mobility, ‘burb-grown food, and local, renewable energy generation? We want to see how you’d design future-proof spaces and systems using the suburban structures of the present, from small-scale retrofits to large-scale restoration–the wilder the better!

The winner will take home a $1,000 cash prize and will score a feature in the December issue of Dwell and an editorial feature on Inhabitat. Entries are due by August 1st. Click here for more details.