Download a New Mixtape That "May or May Not" Be by The Avalanches


We’ve been hoping for the last decade or so that we might one day be able to remove The Avalanches from the list of great bands who only made one album. Since the release of Since I Left You in 2000, the second Avalanches album has been the Bigfoot of the music world, discussed endlessly but never sighted. Over the last couple of years, though, chatter about the album finally seeing the light of day has picked up a little, and another positive sign emerged this week — what appears to be a new mixtape by the group. They announced the release via their Twitter feed — the mix is credited to “Henry Chinaski,” suggesting they’re Bukowski fans, and the tweet in questions say that it “may or may not” be by the Avalanches. But hey, it’s better than nothing, right? More news as we get it — in the meantime, download the mix here. [via Tiny Mix Tapes]