Shit Girls Say About 'Girls'


Even if you haven’t watched TV in a decade, enough has been written about HBO’s Girls in the past month that you probably have an opinion on it. (It’s cool — so do we.) Do you think Lena Dunham is “a voice of a generation,” a brilliant comedian, or a tiresomely privileged Manhattanite with boring friends? Do you find the show entirely relatable or quite alienating? Is Girls‘ all-white cast of four an understandable element of Dunham’s self-satire or just kind of racist? All of these issues come up in the new video “Shit Girls Say About Girls” — which, despite drawing on a dead horse of a meme, is pretty satisfying. See an eerily accurate depiction of the Girls debate after the jump, and then let’s maybe agree to disagree on this particular over-discussed topic, mmkay?

[via HuffPost Comedy]