Is Sam Raimi Remaking 'Poltergeist'?


That headline got your attention, huh, horror fans? Well, don’t get too excited (or pissed off), because it’s still just a rumor. Slashfilm reports that, in a speech at the University of Denver this week, MGM CEO Robert Birnbaum supposedly said Sam Raimi was in talks to direct the Poltergeist remake the studio has been planning. But even this inconclusive report should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that it comes via a Reddit post from a student who claims to have attended Birnbaum’s lecture. Still, it’s interesting to speculate on how this might turn out, right? Could MGM be looking for a more humorous angle on Poltergeist? Is it a shame that Raimi is wasting his time on a wholly unnecessary remake, or is it a relief that the project is potentially in the hands of someone who won’t totally screw it up?