15 Amazing Playgrounds From All Over The World


The weather’s getting warmer, and you know what that means — wistful afternoons spent thinking of those summers of yore when we used to spend our days running, jumping and concocting elaborate adventures on the local playground. So perhaps its fitting that this week we came across some amazing playgrounds by Danish design firm Monstrum, and were inspired to go hunting for even more of the world’s greatest play spaces, from the whimsical to the hyper-modern, the colorful to the stark. Click through to be a kid again with us (in the coolest possible spaces) and let us know if we’ve missed your favorite playground in the comments.

The Blue Whale in Plikta park, Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed by Monstrum.

Boadilla del Monte, Spain. Designed by Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly. [Photos via]

Toa Payoh Lorong 6 playground, Singapore. Designed in 1979 by Khor Ean Ghee. [Photos via]

The Forest of Cherry Blossoms at Moerenuma Park, Hokkaido, Japan. Designed by Isamu Noguchi. [Photos via]

Water Playground in Tychy, Poland. [Photos via]

Woods of Net in Hakone, Japan. Designed by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. [Photo via]

The Brumleby playground, Copenhagen. Designed by Monstrum.

Paris, France. [Photos via]

Belleville Park play­ground, Paris, France. Designed by BASE.

The Large Cod, Vejlebroskolen, Sweden. Designed by Monstrum.

New York City. Designed by Tom Otterness.

Monster footprints in Shenzhen, China. Designed by MAD Architects. [Photos via]

Sculptural playground in Schulberg, Germany. Designed by ANNABAU. [Photos via]

The Trinidad, Copenhagen. Designed by Monstrum.

Buga 05 playground, Munich, Germany. Designed by Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten. [Photos via]