Politicians as 'Game of Thrones' Characters


They had us at Newt Gingrich as Joffrey Baratheon, but this (apparently anonymously made) “Game of American Thrones” chart draws a whole lot of other chuckle-worthy parallels, too: Renly Baratheon and Rick Santorum are both “obsessed with gay sex” (and, we might add, at this point just about equally likely to seize power), Bill Clinton and Robert Baratheon have a “legendary fondness for women,” and Robb Stark and Barack Obama are the most well-intentioned and diplomatic of a generally bad bunch. But we can’t entirely endorse these comparisons: Daenerys Targaryen is no Sarah Palin (for starters, she’s about a million times more qualified to rule), the shot at Hillary Clinton is just unnecessary, bro, and the spelling and grammar could have used a once-over pre-upload. Also, we’re not even going to touch that George W. Bush one… But for the general implication that American politics is as barbaric as Game of Thrones, we’ll take it. [via Warming Glow]