Uggie from 'The Artist' Is "Writing" a Memoir


He snagged the Palm Dog Award at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. He inspired Movieline to launch an unofficial awards campaign via Facebook on his behalf. He had his own special booth at the Weinsteins’ Oscars party at the Mondrian. He attended the White House Correspondents Dinner as a guest of the Washington Times.

Now Uggie, the adorable, scene-stealing dog from The Artist, will be “barking his own story” in Uggie: My Story, a memoir that will be penned by Wendy Holden and published by Gallery Books this October, according to ArtsBeat. Considering that the 10-year-old Jack Russell — who also appeared on screen in Water for Elephantsofficially retired from the business earlier this year due to a neurological disorder, it seems like the timing is as right as it will ever be, but we’re curious: will you be picking up a copy? While we’re not necessarily interested in wading through the particulars of Uggie’s meteoric rise to fame, we’ll admit that we could be lured in by a few good behind-the-scenes photos of Jean Dujardin…