New My Bloody Valentine Album Seems to Actually Be Happening


We know, we know — we feel like we’re punking ourselves just by committing that headline to Internet posterity. Kevin Shields is always talking about a new My Bloody Valentine album, and yet a new My Bloody Valentine album hasn’t appeared on record store shelves since Loveless, over two decades ago. But NME is reporting that the band plans to release not only a new full-length but also an EP of fresh material this year, with an explanation as to why the floodgates have suddenly opened. Apparently, the famously perfectionist Shields decided to revisit MBV’s never-released third album after compiling bonus tracks for the forthcoming Isn’t Anything and Loveless reissues and realizing that the songs he’d never finished were better than those rarities. We’re taking this news with enough grains of salt to send our blood pressure off the charts, but as long-time My Bloody Valentine fans, we also can’t resist getting at least a little bit excited about it.