Hillary Clinton Hilariously Declines ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2’ Cameo


From where we’re sitting, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become quite the charmer of late. Thanks to the insane popularity of the short-lived Texts from Hillary meme — and her clever response to it — she’s managed to reveal a humorous, self-deprecating side to her personality that the majority of the public likely never realized that she had. Now Hillz is at it again, cheekily responding to Jason Segel’s joking request that she make a cameo in Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2: More Forgettable, Sarahier and Marshallest, a movie which, based on the title alone, we’re assuming is a joke itself. Click through to read the delightful letter that she sent Mr. Segel, which includes a non-negotiable demand that the Muppets be involved. Hillary 2016!

[via Splitsider]