Jack White’s Third Man Records Finds a New Home Sweet Home


Pitchfork reports that Jack White’s label Third Man Records is expanding into NYC next week with a brief “record store experiment”:

The increasingly ambitious music-making-and-selling empire is set to take over a New York City storefront for two days only, July 16 and 17. You’ll be able to buy all sorts of Third Man records (including the Dead Weather’s debut LP, Horehound, out next week) and merchandise. The quickie shop will be located in the Lower East Side, at 131 Chrystie Street, and will be open for business between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

What they fail to mention is that 131 Chrystie is also the location of Home Sweet Home, a subterranean dive on the Lower East Side. We put in a call into Third Man, and they explained that they’ll be taking over the ground floor space and not the basement, which significantly reduces the chance you’ll run into Jack sipping a Jack. But who knows.

Non-New Yorkers interested in picking up the new album can pre-order a copy online now; everyone can stream it for free here.