Daily Poll: Will You Pay for New York Times Content?


According to the Telegraph, your days of saving your hard-earned bones by reading the New York Times online are coming to a close: “The publisher of the New York Times will decide by next month how to charge readers for access to its website, reversing an earlier decision not to, and becoming the first major non-financial newspaper group to take the step.”

On the table are two models — metered vs. membership. In the metered scenario, everyone gets access to a certain number of page views; membership grants paying customers different privileges and services not available to plebes.

Even if you’re not a fan of the NYT, this is a big deal — a much bigger deal than the Wall Street Journal charging for online content or even when the Times gave premium service a go with TimesSelect — because it will likely set a precedent that many print media outlets will follow.

What we’re wondering is: