Wanted: Adorable Rube Goldberg Machine That Writes Postcards


Is it OK to love something that is basically a Portlandia sketch come to life? Because that’s pretty much what Dutch design studio HeyHeyHey‘s “Melvin the Machine” video is — a demonstration of an incredibly twee, portable Rube Goldberg machine that writes postcards by a pipe-smoking gent who’s definitely living the dream of the 1890s. The contraption itself is housed in two vintage suitcases, involves an alarm clock, a small record player, and a smartphone, and the payoff definitely pales in comparison to the process. But, hey, our hearts aren’t made of stone. We are not immune to the adorableness of Melvin the Machine or the video he stars in. And if loving sweet, clever, but useless things is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

[via Booooooom]