Watch 182 Superhero Movie Clips In Less Than 5 Minutes


When three of the four big superhero blockbusters released last summer turned out to be total box office flops, we wondered if perhaps moviegoers had finally tired of the genre. Nearly a year later, with The Avengers already setting records overseas and The Dark Knight Rises practically breaking the Internet every time a new snippet of video surfaces online, it’s obvious that the ambivalence we were seeing was just a natural part of a decades-long popularity cycle — and the fact that we were dealing with some extremely crappy comic book adaptations. (Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan? Seriously?!) Need proof that these popcorn flicks differ wildly in their quality? Watch this supercut of 182 different clips from the genre, and make note of which movie moments bring an instant smile to your face, and which ones make you grimace.

[via MetaFilter]