Video of the Day: Jenny Lewis, “See Fernando”


When Stereogum posted this new Jenny Lewis video and mentioned that it’s filled with great hats, we were strangely excited. Lest you fall into the same trap, let it be known that Ms. Lewis only wears two of the said hats (and two scarves) in the video for “See Fernando,” the latest single off of Acid Tongue

. But it is pretty cute, all the same. After the jump, a sartorial cheat sheet in case you don’t feel like sitting through the whole thing.

0:24- Jenny pops up wearing a leopard print headscarf 0:32- Jenny is rocking another scarf; this one is long and yellow 2:08- Jenny in what looks like a jaunty flight attendant’s cap 2:24- Jenny back in the leopard print headscarf 2:30- Jenny back in the yellow scarf 2:34- Jenny in a beret!

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