The London Olympics Will House the World’s Largest McDonald’s


It says something about the power of advertising that our first thought on learning that McDonald’s is building its largest restaurant ever — “a two-story cathedral-like restaurant with room for 1,500 customers” — in London’s Olympic Park for the 2012 Olympics wasn’t, “Wow, that’s ironic!” but rather, “Wow, Subway is going to be super pissed!” What’s more, the supersized location won’t be the fast food chain’s only on-site presence at the games; as the only company allowed to sell “brand-name” food, it will also have a prime spot in the athletes’ village, as well as three others throughout the Park. How thrilling for Ronald!

No surprise, the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges is less excited by the news, and has come out publicly against McDonald’s Olympic sponsorship (which it’s worth noting, is a relationship that goes back to 1976), claiming that it sends the wrong message at an event that celebrates athletic achievement; meanwhile, organizers seem more concerned about the bottom line its effect on the size of anyone’s bottom. Their official statement? “Sponsors provide a huge amount of the funding required to stage the games Without our partners such as McDonald’s, the games simply wouldn’t happen.” What’s your take on the situation? [via The Daily What]