Watch One Man Audition to Play Every Science Fiction Character Ever


“The question isn’t where are we, but when?” “Our shields are de-synergizing!” “Does robot have a birthday, too?” If any of these snatches of dialogue sound familiar, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this three-minute video, which finds non-actor Jacob Fleisher auditioning for “every sci-fi character from every sci-fi character from every sci-fi show. Or movie. Ever.” He does that, of course, by acting out the genre’s every cliché — the super-advanced alien who finds himself in modern-day “Los Ang-oh-lees,” the post-apocalyptic soldier informing us that every city in the world is “gone,” the pair of spaceship crew under attack, the android who develops feelings, and even the jaded hooker who turns up in every sci-fi dystopia. Watch the clip after the jump and tell us whether you’d cast Fleisher in your movie. For the record, we totally would.

[via HuffPost]