Mick Jagger to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season Finale


Underwhelmed by the prospect of watching Eli Manning host Saturday Night Live this week? If so, perhaps you’re looking forward to Will Ferrell’s return to the show on the 12th. But if even that doesn’t get you to DVR the world’s most inconvenient show to watch in real time, we advise you to hit “record” the week after, when Mick Jagger hosts the season finale. Although he’s appeared three times as a musical guest, this will be the Rolling Stone’s first stint as host. Having thoroughly enjoyed him back in 1970, when he played what you might describe as a highly exaggerated version of himself in Nicolas Roeg’s delightfully bananas Performance, we actually have high hopes for this. And even if his acting skills aren’t up to snuff, you’d better believe that a man who’s been fronting one of the biggest rock bands in the world for half a century knows a thing or two about improv. [via Deadline]