A Few Predictions for ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5


AMC’s first teaser trailer for Breaking Bad hit yesterday, and Bryan Cranston couldn’t be more charming — which is amusing considering how full-on Heisenberg he’s become. The gang is shown on set in the video, promising craziness for the upcoming fifth season, which can’t get here soon enough. Past the break, we’ve made a few quick predictions about the future of Walter and the crew. Hit up the comments section to share yours, and check out the clip. Let’s all cross our fingers that Vince Gilligan nails a date in July before we go nuts with anticipation. Warning: Spoilers galore.

1. Walter Jr. will eat a lot of breakfast

Sorry we couldn’t resist. So far RJ Mitte’s Walter Jr. has been a voice of reason and the only thing holding what’s left of his family together. He’s also served as a foil for the audience’s thoughts and feelings, saying all the things we’re probably shouting at the screen in our living rooms. We’re not sure if he’ll end up aiding dad in some kind of brilliant revenge tactic or helping to turn him in (possibly inadvertently), but we do know that he loves pancakes.

2. Walter’s new lab will be somewhere inside the car wash

Walt torched the laundromat in a blaze of glory, so in theory, he’s going to need a massive new lab craft his meth. We can see Walt taking over Skyler’s business venture, since the whole thing was really just a tax front to begin with. Since Skyler handed over their fortune to smarmy Ted, Walt’s going to need to get back in the business to make a lot of money — and fast.

3. Walter will win Mike onto his side

Mike’s fate was unknown at the end of season four, but we figure after Jesse saved his life after being shot by the Juarez cartel, Mike’s not going to toss the kid aside just because Gus is gone. Walt will be smart enough to convince Mike to join their side through Jesse, whom Mike has grown closer to since working together. (Jesse inspires the father/son mojo in everyone, apparently.) We also think Mike admires Walter’s cunning abilities — and really pities him. Even so, Mike could have changed his view on Walt after he took out Gus, possibly considering Walt as someone who’s a lot more dangerous than he initially thought.

4. There will be a reckoning between Walter and Jesse over Brock (Andrea’s son)

Walt let Jesse’s girlfriend die in a pool of her own vomit, and he’s gone full Heisenberg, so we’re pretty sure he poisoned Brock. There were too many clues leading up to the confrontation between Jesse and Walt that pointed to this — the Lily of the Valley plant and the gun spinning scene being the biggest giveaways. Walt would do anything to protect his family, including turning Jesse against Gus so he could manipulate a takedown on his own terms.

5. Walter will die, possibly of cancer and not in a blowout worthy of his reputation

The real-life Heisenberg died of cancer at home, and Breaking Bad has more than proven that there are no true happy endings. We can totally see Walter crafting some insanely genius Rube Goldbergian setup to ensure that everyone gets their comeuppance after he’s dead. Whether Jesse remains an ally or not, we can imagine Walt setting things up for Jesse so he can live a good life, returning to all the “apply yourself” talk from the early seasons.

6. Hank will figure out Walt is Heisenberg immediately before or after Walt dies and won’t reveal his identity

Hank’s a competent agent, but he genuinely cares about Walter and his family. He’s also not a perfect guy himself, enjoying his share of “forbidden fruit” (at least when it comes to cigars) and cruelly antagonizing a tweaker prostitute in order to teach Walter Jr. a lesson. He’s going to take Walter’s alter ego with him to the grave.

7. Saul will survive everything

Because cockroaches always do.