Strange Pitch: Wear Barrio Sweat, Smell Like Mariachi El Bronx


Over the course of any single day, Flavorpill editors receive more press releases than you can shake a stick at. Many of them tip us off to cool events and artists who end up making it into our weekly events listings. And then some just blow our minds. Cue the last paragraph of an email we just received about an LA-based punk band that is called Mariachi El Bronx, otherwise known as simply El Bronx. They’re hawking a new fragrance pegged to the release of their album that is called Barrio Sweat. It sounds phenomenal.

From the release:

Just as Mariachi El Bronx attempts to capture the aural essence of Mexico and its palpable influence on Southern California, the band introduces a cologne to harness that essence in a fragrance, to be released in conjunction with the new record. Barrio Sweat is warm and masculine… inhale for initial notes of leather, sage, thyme and green fig… exhale and experience earth properties of adobe, loose sand and dry grass transporting a finish of sweet agave and caramelized goat’s milk. Each bottle of Barrio Sweat comes complete with a larvae of the agave snout weevil imported from Jalisco, drowned at the bottom of this mystical potion, reminiscent of the finest Mezcal. Barrio Sweat, just like Mariachi El Bronx, captures the intoxicating magic of Mexico, while honoring the time-honored traditions and values of another age that continue to shape the “barrios” of today- in Los Angeles and beyond.

Maybe this is a joke, and we’re just not punk rock enough to understand. (This is highly likely.) Or maybe there are some people out there who’d like to smell like caramelized goat’s milk and snout weevil larvae. Either way, the band’s self-titled full-length will be released on September 1st on Swami Records.