Watch a Few Fashionable Men Getting Dressed


We’re swooning over The Way I Dress, a short film series documenting fashion-forward men getting dressed, directed by Chris Floyd, which we first noticed over at Booooooom. Commissioned by Mr Porter, Floyd films gentlemen getting ready for the day, and talking about their relationship to fashion in a simple and beautiful way. In the newest film, the first installment of a second series, Floyd gets in the bath with Mr. Waris Ahluwalia, who explains, “We have a certain amount of time here, on this planet. I’m not gonna waste any of it by dividing it up between work and then things that I enjoy. I’m gonna make all of it something I enjoy.” We agree. Click through to see the entirety of Ahluwalia getting dressed, as well Floyd’s previous videos in the first series, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next one.

Mr. Waris Ahluwalia

Sean Avery

Douglas Friedman

David Macklovitch

Euan Rellie

David McAlmont