30 Gorgeous and Innovative Bookshelves


This week, we read a short article over at NPR about Bookshelf , a blog-turned-book by Alex Johnson about — you guessed it — the bookshelf in all its glory. It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a little book-related design here at Flavorpill, so we took the occasion of the book’s publication as an excuse to round up thirty gorgeous, innovative, and otherwise amazing bookshelves and bookcases for all your book display needs. Some of them are even available to purchase, but even if the one you like best isn’t for sale, we daresay you’ll get some decorating ideas — or at least a yen to pick up your favorite novel. Click through to check out our gallery, and let us know which bookshelf you’re dying to cram all your paperbacks onto in the comments.

Baroque bookshelves by Graham & Greene. Buy them here.

Equilibrium bookcase, designed by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs of Malagana Design [via]

Whale bookshelf, designed by Justin Southey. [via]

Tree branch bookshelf designed by Sebastian Errazuriz. [via]

Read-Unread Bookshelf, designed by Niko Economidis. [via]

Circular walking bookcase designed by David Garcia.

“Lost in Sofa,” designed by Daisuke Motogi. [via]

United States bookshelf, designed by Ron Arad/ [via]

Zelli bookshelf, designed by Duret Younes. [via]

Bookwave Hanging Storage. [via]

Dream bookshelf, designed by Dripta Design Studio. [via]

Infinity bookshelf, designed by Job Koelewijn. [via]

Read Your Book Case, designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti. [via]

Pack of Dogs, designed by Ricardo Casas, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy, Cecilia León de la Barra, Oscar Nuñez. [via]

Tangram bookshelf, designed by Daniele Lago. [via]

The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf, designed by Jordi Milà [via]

The Book Book Shelf, designed by Not Tom. [via]

Brain bookshelf. [via]

Polar bear bookshelf, designed by Benoit Convers. Buy it here.

Bikini Bookcase, designed by Katya Labinskaya. [via]

Elephant bookshelf. Buy it here.

“Target Books” shelf, designed by Mebrure Oral. [via]

Stacked teacups bookcase. Buy it here. [via]

“Upside Down” suspended bookcase, designed by Adrien de Melo. [via]

Designed by Saba Italia. [via]

Nero Shelf by Nanni Holen. Buy one here.

Face bookshelf, designed by Alexi McCarthy. [via]

The Patatras, designed by Michaël Bihain. [via]

Tree bookcase designed by Roberto Corazza. [via]

SheLLf, designed by Ka-Lai Chan. [via]