A Selection of Amusing Pop Culture-Inspired Cars


Folks, if you love something, don’t set it free. Instead, unabashedly paint your vehicle so that your favorite film, TV show, or band is with you wherever you may drive. Have a big thing for Pikachu? Turn your headlights into cutesy eyes, your brake lights into rosy cheeks, and exchange your “honk” for these noises. Will fellow drivers think you’re recruiting them for Poké Battles whenever you lay on the horn? Yes, but that’ll just put a fun new twist on road rage, eh? Or, if you’d rather get it out there that you, in fact, want to rock and roll all night, go ahead and turn your car into Gene Simmons’s head, creepy tongue and all. After the jump, we’ve gathered 13 examples of drivers who have transformed their cars into really strange pop-culture homages. Check ’em out, and let us know what you’d request from Xzibit if Pimp My Ride were still a thing.

Star Wars

Forget GPS devices, all you need is an R2-D2 superglued to your trunk. [via]

The Beatles

Five bucks says this Beatles-mobile is on its way to Bonnaroo. [via]


This KISS car could have been a little less terrifying, don’t you think? [via]


If you’re planning to fix up and sell your home, park a Mystery Machine out front for increased value. [via]

Ms. Pac-Man

If you don’t feel like painting your car, just cover it in flowers, call it Ms. Pac-Man, and run over these guys. [via]

The Rolling Stones

More could have been done to this Rolling Stones car than just tongues, but we appreciate the effort nonetheless. [via]

Hello Kitty

We have no words. [via]

Harry Potter

This Harry Potter van is pretty great, but we can’t help but give a shout-out to the Hogwarts Express. Seems legit. [via]

The Lord of the Rings

You probably know by now that one does not simply walk into Mordor, but Boromir didn’t say nothin’ about driving. [via]

Alice in Wonderland

We’re not sure if this is actually supposed to be the Cheshire Cat or what, but we’re pretty sure its owner must love dogs. [via]

Saturday Night Fever

Like to boogie? Paint John Travolta à la Saturday Night Fever on your car and blast some Bee Gees. [via]


Does this model come in Jigglypuff? [via]