If the ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses Brewed Artisan Beers


It seems like the homesteads of the major houses in Game of Thrones have everything — stables, godswoods, fighting arenas, barracks — but none of them seem to have gotten around to building a decent brewery. Since our stalwart heroes (and dastardly villains) have got to get sick of all that dreamwine and Tears of Lys sometime, Neatorama pointed us towards this clever series of famous beer brands, redesigned as if they had been brewed in Westeros. After all, wouldn’t you rather kick back after a hard day of battle with a tangy can of Targaryen than with a run-of-the-mill Bud? Or maybe sip a Winterfell brew — guaranteed to be ice-cold? Click through to check out the beer labels, and if you’re enchanted, you can head over to the artist’s page here to order stickers (slap them on your actual beers for a GoT party theme!) and t-shirts.