A Selection of Famous People’s Yearbook Quotes


Well, it’s that time of year again. Colleges and high schools across the country are about to kick their overachieving students out into the world. Here comes the biggest question for every graduating class, though: What are you going to put in your yearbook bio? After all, if you become insanely successful people are going to look back on that quote from Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde and judge you for it. Check out what some of your favorite movie stars, musicians, and politicians put down in ink for their fellow classmates to remember them by, and maybe you’ll be inspired — or, if you’ve already graduated, jealous.

Tina Fey

The 30 Rock star spoke to People magazine recently about her clever yearbook quote: “We had to fill in the blank: ‘Five years from now I will be…’ and mine was ‘very, very fat.’ I figured if I’m not, then it’s like, ‘You’re not!’ And if I am, I’m like, ‘I know – I called it!'” Self-deprecation at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!

Darren Criss

You wouldn’t know from looking at him, but this Glee heartthrob is a total nerd. Then again, he helped write and starred in the infamous Very Potter Musical that swept YouTube a few years ago, so maybe you had an inkling.

Ryan Reynolds

Oh, Ryan. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. You were one of those bros in high school, weren’t you? [via]

Stephen Colbert

“Nobody loves me!” says high school-age Colbert. Well, no wonder — you were in about 15 different extracurricular activities. Glee club? Astronomy club? Debate team? National Forensic League? The “Rowdy Club”? Did you even have time to talk to other people, “Lightning”? [via]

Supreme Justice Sonia Sotomayor

This poignant quote from Sotomayor’s college yearbook almost got her in major trouble when she was first being reviewed for her position on the Supreme Court — apparently Norman Thomas was a known socialist. Honestly, the sentiment seems pretty tame to us.

Henry Rollins

The onetime Black Flag frontman and current spoken-word artist, radio DJ, political activist, and Jackass star, “Hank the Crank” apparently intended to cause “nationwide terrorization” as early as senior year of high school. But is he still skating mean and living clean, we wonder?

Adam Lambert

Okay, everybody calm down with the inappropriate jokes. Clearly the American Idol singer was referring to the character of Nick Bottom, who gets fitted with a donkey head in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Still, we guess it’s pretty funny if you’re a 12-year-old boy — which it looks like Adam was in this photo.

Bruce Willis

We assume “Buck” went with the “deliriously happy” option. [via]