8 Things Pics Can’t Tell You About Matt & Kim’s RiverRocks Performance


Matt & Kim are arguably the Ken and Barbie of the indie world. The married pop-rocking duo stormed New York’s Hudson RiverRocks‘ free venue at Pier 54 last night. Surrounding by a humbling view of the city, hundreds of Matt & Kim fans, who were amassed after the last year’s breakout hit, “Daylight,” gathered to watch the couple sing, surf, and get gangsta. After the jump, eight had-to-be-there anecdotes that you can’t get from photos floating around the music blogosphere.

1. Matt & Kim are straight up G’s. Midway into their set, they broke into the Dead Prez classic, “Hip Hop.” Matt began tinkering away at the piano, which turned into the song’s rumbling bass-line, while Kim kicked away at the drums. This blew into a Matt and Kim “rocking out” style of the song, while the meek, flanneled attendees surrounding me rapped.

2. Mosh pits open like black holes. Matt & Kim have achieved an unusual indie crossover, in which indie-punk rockers show their true colors by “tearing shit up” during what Matt & Kim called, “the fastest song [they] ever wrote.” I go out of my way to push the moshers back into the mosh pit from whence they came.

3. Kim wore a shirt that read as follows: EFF YOO SEE KAY

Okay, maybe pictures can tell you this.

4. Shirt cannons. Like a basketball game, the concert featured a shirt posse that cannoned Matt & Kim clothing into the crowd. From the sidelines, Kim hurled copies of the band’s latest CD like a discus.

5. Everyone who crowd surfed fell on their heads. The strong bros that facilitate the wild world of crowd surfing were decidedly absent from the show. Weak hipster children collapsed under the surfers’ weight. No one, however, dropped Kim, who jumped into the crowd later in the night.

6. Matt & Kim live on Grand Street. This news is for the fans who didn’t get the hint when the band released their sophomore album, Grand, in January. Grand Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that is.

7. The couple attended the Beyonce concert at Madison Square Garden last week. It was there that they decided they needed to “step it up” with their live act. The power of Sasha Fierce compels you!

8. Matt wants New York inscribed on his tombstone. He also said New York was where he first performed and it is the last place he wants to perform.