Four Out of 5 Flavorpill Editors Recommend… Humpday


Like dentists and their Trident, we at Flavorpill want to bring you authoritative recommendations, but sometimes we can’t quite stick the landing when it comes to consensus. In Four Out of 5, we spotlight the weekend’s most worthy new movie release with four reasons why you should see it… and one why you shouldn’t. This week’s selection: Humpday, which should still be fresh in your mind from this morning’s interview with director Lynn Shelton.

See it! 1. Totally absurd plotline (Two best friends decide to enter an amateur porn contest. Together.) conceals a universal theme: the way that adulthood changes your friendships for better or worse.

2. Is this not the year of the bromance? Finally, it gets a smarter, non-Apatovian treatment, which is to say, Shelton promises three-dimensional female characters, too.

3. New York thinks Humpday is actually more subversive than Bruno: “Lynn Shelton’s marvelous chamber comedy Humpday butts up against the same sort of taboos as Bruno, and in its fumbling, semi-improvised way, it’s equally hilarious and even more subversive.”

4. Shelton got a standing ovation at Cannes. Whoa.

…Or don’t. 5. Co-star Josh Leonard was in The Blair Witch Project. Maybe this one will give you nightmares, too.

The trailer is below, and the decision is yours!