The Best Finger Puppets Ever


Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na…Batman! On your finger, sort of! Ka-pow! Sorry, but these incredibly detailed, hand-crafted finger puppet designs by Tamara Maynes really bring out the kid in us. All original superheroes, each recalls iconic heroes and villains who we’ve seen in the pages of comic books and as blockbusters on the big screen. Angle Man is a bit like the aforementioned Dark Knight, thanks to his pointy-eared mask, while Rocket Woman reminds us of Wonder Woman, in all of her shiny red, white, and blue glory. And yet, they’re all unique. Are we looking at the world’s first finger couture? Click through to check out the Hero Fingers series as photographed by Julian Wolkenstein and spotted by Laughing Squid. Bang! Boom!