Shepard Fairey Pleads Guilty, Gets Fine and Probation


Excuse the Shepard Fairey overload today, but this breaking news just came in via the New York Times :

The artist who created the ”Hope” poster of President Barack Obama was sentenced to probation on Friday after pleading guilty to three vandalism charges in Boston. Prosecutors dropped 11 other charges. Shepard Fairey was sentenced in Boston Municipal Court to two years probation. He pleaded guilty to one charge of defacing property and two charges of wanton destruction of property under $250. The 39-year-old Los Angeles artist also must pay $2,000 to a graffiti removal organization and cannot possess tagging materials except for legal art installations.

Wonder what Ron English has to say about Boston now? Fairey still faces a long legal battle with The Associated Press over the photo used in his iconic “Hope” poster.