Watch Floppy Drives Perform the ‘Doctor Who’ Theme


Aside from being a total earworm, Delia Derbyshire’s original arrangement of the Doctor Who theme is notable as one of the first entirely electronic pieces of music made for television. As the story goes, the score’s composer Ron Grainer was so blown away on hearing the track for the first time that he asked, “Did I really write this?” to which Delia kindly replied, “Most of it.” If she were still around today, we think the former BBC Radiphonic Workshop audio engineer — who would have been 75 this week — would have appreciated the irony of hearing her ahead of its time take on the song “performed” by a bunch of outdated floppy drives, don’t you? Not that anything can ever top the insanity of her own labor-intensive creative process. Analog oscillators and tape loops, oh my!

[via Geekologie]