Read Axl Rose’s Hilariously Incoherent Response to a Bad Review


The notorious Metallica/Guns N’ Roses joint headline tour of 1992 is right up there with Spinal Tap’s Smell the Glove tour in the annals of glorious/ridiculous/disastrous rock ‘n’ roll jaunts, and Letters of Note has recently unearthed a fax Axl Rose sent to a local newspaper in Indiana in response to a pretty scathing review for his band’s performance at the Hoosier Dome in July that year. Axl, lest we forget, is from Indiana, and he wasn’t at all amused with the paper objecting to the fact his band came on two hours late and refused to play until fans stood up. The result was a very, very angry fax (remember faxes?), in which, amongst other things, Rose raged at the reviewer’s “basic Indiana attempt at journalism”, described himself as “your Rock N’ Roll nightmare” [sic], and signed off with the bizarrely threatening phrase “stay away from microwaves.” Read the whole thing here.