Is Tom Hanks Headed to Broadway?


We thought at this point in his career there was nothing that Tom Hanks hadn’t done, but apparently we were wrong. He’s never been on Broadway. Until now, that is. ArtsBeats reports that the generally beloved Hollywood actor is currently in talks to play Pulitzer Prize-winning Daily News columnist Mike McAlary — a writer known for covering “crime and cops and the major police department corruption scandals of the 1980s and 90s, perhaps most famously the Abner Louima brutality case” — in Lucky Guy, a new drama penned by Nora Ephron.

Given that Tony Award winning director George C. Wolfe is also rumored to be involved with this project, it sounds like this could easily be next year’s buzziest new play. Plus, not that we have anything against Woody or Robert Langdon, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Hanks taking on a really juicy role for a change? While nothing is confirmed yet, we recommend that you start saving up for tickets now.