Alec Baldwin to Play Himself in James Toback Mockumentary About Cannes


Now that the story of Alec Baldwin’s stalker and the somehow-even-bigger story of his response to the news coverage of his stalker have cycled out of the headlines, did you think we’d get a little time off from odd Baldwin news? Well, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, because Forbes is reporting that the actor is slated to star as himself in filmmaker James Toback’s new movie — which will apparently be either a feature or mockumentary about the Cannes Film Festival. Although the format of the movie is unclear, we do know that “[t]he film crew will be hitting all the big parties and events, and the plot will reveal itself as the whole thing proceeds.” This seems to suggest that Toback — who’s always good for an odd concept — has a story line in mind, but that the actual script will be shaped by Baldwin’s (and other actors’, although Neve Campbell is the only one we know about so far) interactions at the festival. We’ll be interested to learn how this plays out at Cannes, and won’t be surprised if we hear some strange reports from France next week. [via Movieline]