Iggy Pop Collaborating with Ke$ha. Yes, Really


Do you know who Ke$ha’s idol is? Don’t bother guessing — apparently, it’s Iggy Pop, and he’s teaming up with her on a song for her new album. “its a fk!ng dream come true to be collaborating w my IDOL! the original WILD CHILD. Iggy + I got a song for yall on my next record…get ready,” the singer tweeted, also sharing a photo of herself in the studio with Pop. (You may have wondered, does Iggy Pop wear a shirt while recording? It seems the answer is no.)

Punk purists might be a bit put off by this news, but in light of Ke$ha’s apocalyptic Flaming Lips collaboration, “2012” — which is actually pretty great — it doesn’t really bother us. In fact, we’re starting to entertain the possibility that the singer (who clearly knows more about music than she lets on) is planning to use her fame to make some truly bizarre pop music on this new record, rather than rehash the glitter-barfing, whiskey-toothpaste routine that propelled her to stardom. OK, maybe that’s a bit optimistic, but we can’t deny that this is making us more curious than we thought we’d be about the upcoming Ke$ha album. [Gigwise via The Daily Swarm]