Dreamy and Luxurious Beach House Hideaways


For those of us who will be sweltering in our studio apartments during the long summer months fantasizing about a breezy ocean getaway, owning a beach house feels like an impossible dream. It might be, but we’re here to appeal to your inner daydreamer with a gallery of incredibly designed beach house retreats that impress with their unique architecture and intuitive connection to the sandy oceanscape. We were inspired to hit the shore after spotting an amazing house on Design You Trust. Visit it, and many other luxurious seaside villas, past the break.

Australian Beach House

Located in a suburb of Queensland, the Currimundi beach house is an Aussie retreat that feels Asian-inspired and ultra modern. Boasting dual-level pavilions at the front of the house with utmost privacy, the home’s operable glass walls, expressed structural timber, and interior courtyard are just a few special designer details.

Image credit: Nelson Kon

Panoramic Beach House

This luxurious coastal beach house on an island between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro rests right on a pristine shoreline and has an incredible panoramic view.

Historic, Floating Beach House

Nestled on the north side of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay, this floating, historic beach house is a 103-year-old oasis with a 360-degree view of the ocean. Warm-colored woods and antique design elements preserve the integrity of the home, but modern, eco-friendly details like solar panels, a wind turbine, rainwater recycling, seawater filtration, and compost toilets make it perfect for modern living. We worry about their flood insurance, though.

Origami Beach House

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, this Australian beach house is designed so that all rooms face the ocean. The architecture’s “folded” areas provide shelter while still allowing its residents to keep all eyes on the water.

Shack Beach House

Keeping it simple, this Australian beach “shack” was built around an existing home pairing superb modern design with the existing casual space. Decks, balconies, and treetop views are its greatest features. The architects had this to say about their work:

“The great Australian tradition of the ‘shack’ is in danger of being superseded by bloated mansions with four bathrooms and all the trappings of modern life. With this project we wanted to celebrate the shack and have kept close to the original building’s footprint to avoid taking over the rugged coastal block.”

Concrete Beach House

The Lefevre House located near Lima, Peru was constructed on top of a giant rock. Architects blended the home’s rock-covered, concrete walls with the existing natural cliff below it. Stone stairs, rooftop sand gardens, and nature-inspired interior design complement the amazing ocean view, making it a true stunner.

Minimalist Beach House

We’re pretty sure the entire cast of Miami Vice has been hanging out in this minimalist beach hideaway since the show ended. This multi-level home that leads down to the ocean seems to be the perfect place to contemplate the 1980s.

Image credit: Jose Orrego

Curvaceous Beach House

Another day, another amazing beach house in Peru — but this beauty is curvy knockout and is completely red and white. The Palabritas beach house has an interior patio, and the master bedroom has a breathtaking ocean view.

Modular Beach House

The coast of New Zealand sports this modular beach house, which makes a strong architectural statement. Divided into three sections, the middle of the long rectangular structure is an open-air patio overlooking the landscape. Not fussy, but big on character.

Transparent Beach House

We’re sure the people who own this lavish Laguna Beach house are probably great, but we still hate them. With transparent glass walls and a modern interior, the 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home (that recently sold for $11,850,000) includes subterranean parking and several unbelievable terraces.

Cliff Beach House

Australia is home to many spectacular beachfront hideouts and this boxy wonder is no exception. The vintage-style home almost becomes a cliff hovering over the ocean. There’s also an outdoor pool that looks onto the water and a phenomenal view from the home’s large-scale windows.

Special Effects Beach House

Part Hollywood soundstage, part modern art painting, this beach house is only 2,300 square feet — much smaller than many of the homes we’ve featured — but its ultra modern rectangular construction has more than enough style to compensate. Designed to integrate the indoor and outdoor environments, the home’s walls seem to float and lighting effects create an intimate setting, showcasing the structure’s beautiful starkness.

Wave Beach House

Flowing, expressive, and coolly minimalist, this Cape Town, South Africa beach house was modeled after the ocean waves crashing at its feet. The dual-level penthouse has a rooftop swimming pool and terrace with bar and entertainment area.

Eco-Friendly Beach House

There’s a beach villa community on beautiful Khao Lak beach in Thailand that features 36 ocean hideaways built for eco-compatibility. Modern, but modest, and made from all natural materials, the beach villas are powered in part by solar panels, rainwater is regularly harvested, and the surrounding environment is treated with care and consideration. Most importantly, it’s just steps away from the water.

K-Shaped Beach House

Constructed to look like the letter “K” in honor of a family member, this bisected beach house has every amenity imaginable in addition to a truly unusual design. The home’s angled exterior still allows for ample ocean viewing. The interior houses a barn (!), alfresco hangout area, soundproof theater, an additional apartment and storage area, and a massive K-shaped shelf for the owner’s 5,000-book collection. Basically, you never need to leave.