Watch Uncensored Outtakes From Colbert’s Maurice Sendak Interview


Like everyone else you know, we’ve been grieving over the loss of legendary children’s book author Maurice Sendak all week. But our sadness was momentarily lifted when Stephen Colbert aired a few extra outtakes from his outstanding interview with Sendak, which we originally fell in love with back in January. The outtakes are just as hilarious as the sections that made it onto the original program, but they’re also incredibly touching, showing Sendak’s less crotchety, more grandfatherly side. “I think childhood is a period of great torment,” Sendak says. “We learn all these things — what is and what isn’t, what you can do and what you cannot do, and it’s hard, it’s really very hard.” He goes on to say that the best thing a parent can do for a child is “love him or her… take them for what they are.” Indeed. Yet again, Mr. Sendak, you are dearly missed.

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[via i09]