Famous Artists Try On Salvador Dalí’s Mustache


Today is Salvador Dalí’s 108th birthday. No better time to celebrate the man, the art…the mustache. Not to downplay the master painter’s immense contribution to art history and visual culture, but my, oh my. Grown out as an ode to 17th-century painter Diego Velázquez, his creatively groomed patch of facial hair defies gravity and sense. It juts. It twists. It sprouts, forks, and spirals. It’s instantly recognizable. It’s wholly transformative. Here are a few of 20th century’s greatest and/or most famous artists donning the Dalí ‘stache, slapped on for you by the magic of Photoshop. And by magic, we mean more like meh-gic. This might get a little terrifying. If you thought Damien Hirst couldn’t look more obnoxious, he can and we’re sorry.

Marina Abramović. Original image via.

Jean-Michel Basquiat. Original image via.

Louise Bourgeois. Original image via.

Takashi Murakami. Original image via.

Pablo Picasso. Original image via.

Damien Hirst. Original image via.

Jeff Koons. Original image via.

Andy Warhol. Original image via.

Frida Kahlo. Original image via.

Dalí shaved! Original image via.