The Kindle 2 Has Just Gone Bootleg


Who knew bookworms could be so badass? The Kindle 2 has just received the bootleg treatment. Made by one of Peking University’s founders, this six-inch screen book reader will use “cellular connection” (i.e. a SIM card) to download books from its own bootleg ebook software, “Apabi.” The device itself is called “WEFOUND,” which is short for, “We found out how to bootleg your precious Kindle, silly Americans! Mwahaha.” And wouldn’t you know it, the faux-Kindle is a whopping $80 cheaper!

That’s right, for $80 less, you can have a (possibly) dysfunctional knock off, little to no spec details, and a fantastic time “going virtual.” The idea of the faux-Kindle is interesting because you are twice removed from reading an actual book — in addition to not actually using the original tree-produced pages, you are not actually using the original Kindle. The real challenge, however, is to see if these Chinese bootleggers can make faux-versions of American books. “Parry Hotter and the Wizard’s Magical Stone” could be an insta-classic. Who’s ready for book torrents? [via Gizmodo]