‘True Blood’ Season 5 Trailer Even More Bonkers Than Expected


Details of True Blood Season 5 have been coming out in dribs and drabs, as HBO releases a series of behind-the-scenes character previews and itty-bitty teasers. But now that the premiere is less than a month away, we’ve finally got a substantial trailer — and it’s even crazier than we expected. You’ll recall that last season closed with Bill and Eric delivering the true death to Nan Flanagan, who’s fresh from expulsion by the Authority, the apparently incomplete murder of Tara, and the revelation that legendary baddie Russell Edgington has risen from his cement tomb.

The new trailer confirms our assumption that this puts Sookie’s suitors between a rock and a hard place: “Either Russell will have our heads or the Authority will,” says Eric. It seems their only hope will be to enlist their part-fairy friend — even if they have to do so against her will. Then there’s some vampire supremacy talk, a big explosion, Sam with a crossbow, Sookie and Alcide about to make out, Lafayette calling Sookie “the angel of death.” Watch it after the jump and start counting down the days till June 5th.