Confirmed: ’30 Rock’s’ Next Season Will Be Its Last


Oh, that NBC. After, as The Mary Sue so cleverly put it, totally Britta-ing their primetime schedule for the fall, they’ve finally broken their silence on the future of 3o Rock. NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt has confirmed that the upcoming, abbreviated seventh season will be the show’s last — meaning that after this week’s finale, we’ll only have 13 more episodes, including a special 60-minute send-off, of Liz Lemon to look forward to. Although it’s clear 30 Rock has been running out of ideas, and we’d rather see it wrap than fade into mediocrity, we can’t deny we’ll miss the TGS crew when they’re gone.

For those who are even more broken up than we are about the news, there are a few silver linings: Ending one of NBC’s critically acclaimed but criminally unpopular comedies may take some of the cancellation pressure off Parks and Recreation and Community, both of which have been stronger than 3o Rock this season. And Greenblatt suggested that there may be something new from Tina Fey in the network’s future. “I know Tina, Alec and the rest will deliver some of their best work,” he said. “We think the world of Tina and hope she will be in the NBC family for years to come.” [via Deadline, E! Online]