Famous Artists Pay Homage to Maurice Sendak


For such a determined curmudgeon, Maurice Sendak was one popular guy. Case in point, Dangerous Minds just tipped us off to the fact that over the weekend the Sunday Review section of The New York Times featured a lovely visual tribute to beloved children’s author from a group of artists who included Art Spiegelman, Gary Taxali, Tomi Ungerer, Geoff McFetridge, Bob Staake, Marc Rosenthal, and Jon Klassen.

“So, Maurice: Wish you could’ve been here for the outpouring of deserved affection that coursed through the media when you split,” writes Spiegelman, whose contribution is featured above. “If there’s anything to this posterity thing, you’re with us through your work as fully as Laurel and Hardy or your beloved Mozart … so why do I miss you so?” Check out a slideshow of the other original pieces, as well as equally touching remembrances from their artists, here.