Hollywood News: Muppets, Spaceships, Vampires, Comedians, and Jack Bauer


Del Toro to take on Pinocchio: Guillermo del Toro has taken on yet another project — a stop-motion version of Pinocchio. He’s signed to work with the Jim Henson Co., Gris Grimly and Adam Parrish King. Though the lying wooden doll seems more innocuous than some of the director’s upcoming protagonists (Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), he claims that he will make this version “darker” than what we’re used to from the children’s book. [Variety]

Star Trek trailer reveals more details about final frontier: A new bootleg trailer of the upcoming Star Trek film beamed onto the Internet this weekend to reveal young incarnations of James T. Kirk and an updated starship and special effects. The much-anticipated release from J.J. Abrams leaves us wondering whether die-hard Trekkies will still do the weird V thing with their fingers even for a modernized version. [Wired]

Twilight movies are barely dawning: Twilight isn’t even in theaters yet, but Summit Entertainment has already acquired rights to the remaining three novels in Stephanie Meyer’s teen-lit series. The bizarrely popular vampire phenomenon will open on the big screen on Friday. [Reuters]

SNL replaces Fey, Poehler: After Amy Poehler had a baby and Tina Fey stopped being Sarah Palin, SNL was in a rut. The two stars of the show left for other television pursuits, and Lorne Michaels hired two new women to replace them: Abby Elliott and Michaela Watkins. They debuted on the show this weekend, but they’ve got a lot to live up to. [EW]

Fox seeks redemption for 24: Jack Bauer has been gone for a year, but before he returns, 24 will redeem itself with a two-hour movie out next week. Fox executives asked the show’s creators to make a stand-alone prequel to quell viewers’ anticipation. Redemption, the DVD release, will set up Season 7, which airs in January. [USA Today]

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