Is Your Emo Haircut Giving You a Lazy Eye?


Is your subculture hazardous to your health? Although our distaste for the emo aesthetic is fairly minor, in Iraq or Mexico, dressing like a member of My Chemical Romance is liable to get you a beating (or worse). But that doesn’t mean teens in more emo-friendly countries are entirely safe from the ravages of their lifestyle. According to optometrists in Australia, kids who wear their hair so that it covers one eye are at risk of developing lazy eyes. “If a young emo chap has a fringe covering one eye all the time, that eye won’t see a lot of detail,” explained Andrew Hogan, the education director of Optometrists Association of Tasmania. “And if it happens from a young age, that eye can become amblyotic.” The more you know, right? Now, parents can add asymmetrical haircuts to the long list of topics they’ll eventually have to battle their children over. [via Geekologie]